Marble Table Tops

We hand-craft a variety of natural stone and marble products in custom works of art with Old World elegance. These include marble table tops and natural stone table tops, Lazy Susans, floor inserts, marble medallions and custom logos. These are hand-crafted using such natural stones as marble, travertine, granite and slate. Our table tops and Lazy Susans can be finished with our 'Rustic' finish that has the look of antique tumbled marble furniture. Or you can choose our 'Honed' finish which, while retaining that 'old world' or Tuscany look, is honed to a smooth polished appearance. These are ideal for use in casual outdoor settings such as patios or around the pool. They can also be used indoors in a casual or formal setting.

Patio Tables & Outdoor Furniture

We also create marble and stone coffee and end tables. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from or you can select your own design, measurements and colors.

Our marble mosaic floor inserts and marble medallions are designed to be set into marble, tile or wood floors - or even walls as an accent to enhance the beauty of your home or business. You decide the color, shape and design that fits your decorating need.

Lazy Susans - Mosaic Inserts

Our marble table tops, Lazy Susans and marble mosaic inserts and logos are custom products that you can design for your exact needs. Our focus is on service and quality. Our stone and marble products are individually hand-crafted to maintain quality control. We guarantee high quality as well as good service to you. We are confident you will find just what you are looking for, since each piece is custom-made just for you.

Our custom natural stone table tops, Lazy Susans and mosaic floor inserts come in a variety of designs to choose from. Or, like many of our customers, you may choose to custom order according to your own design specifications.